Verbal Rental Agreement Virginia

Virginia law allows landlords to convert their annual rents into monthly leases when leases end or their tenants illegally hold their tenties. If tenants with an annual lease do not withdraw at the end of their leases or terminate their leases, as stipulated in their leases, landlords have the option of treating them as monthly tenants. Also known as “tenant-am-will,” monthly tenants must pay monthly rent to their landlords or landlords can sue them for illegally holding their leases if they do not evacuate. B. If more than one tenant is subject to a tenancy agreement, unless each tenant agrees otherwise, the deposit is paid by cheque to all of these tenants and sent to a redirect address indicated by one of the tenants. The lessor must pay the surety order within the 45-day period prescribed by paragraph A. but if no transfer address is made available to the landlord, the owner may continue to maintain the deposit in trust. If a tenant does not provide a transfer address to the lessor for the lessor to repay the deposit, the lessor may, at the end of one year from the end of the 45-day period, transfer the money to the public treasury as unclaimed property on a form prescribed by the administrator who contains the name; The social security number, if known; and the last known address of each tenant in the tenancy agreement. If the lessor or agent is a holder of a real estate license, compliance with this subsection is deemed to comply with the provisions of the art. 54.1-2108 and the corresponding provisions of the Real Estate Office. E. A tenant can request a copy of their tenant records on paper or electronic form. If the lease provides for this, a lessor may charge a tenant who requires more than one copy of his recordings the actual cost of producing copies of those recordings.

However, if the landlord makes tenant data sets available to each tenant via an electronic portal, the tenant is not required to pay for access to this portal.

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